TROY A4 “Other Firearm”

Every aspect of the TROY A4 “other firearm” was built from years of experience working with military and law enforcement agencies around the world. The result of our efforts: a powerful, compact, and lightweight firearm that fills the niche between Rifles, SBR and Pistol AR platforms. The TROY A4 “other firearm” is not an NFA weapon and is approved for sale in New Jersey.

TROY A4 Other Firearm Video

Firearm Compliance Information

The Troy A4 “other firearm” Non-NFA Firearm does not fall under the definition of an “Assault Weapon” in NJ.

It is not a RIFLE – it does not have a stock and is not designed to be fired from the shoulder.
It is not a PISTOL – it has a 12.5″ barrel and has a mandatory forward vertical grip, designed to be fired with two hands.
It is not an AOW – the overall length is greater than 26″.

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Dealer Inquiries

Tech Ops International is the distributor for the Troy A4 “other firearm”.

Please contact us at (908) 454-6030 for pricing and availability.

Questions About Your Next Purchase – Call (908) 454-6030

Questions About Your Next Purchase

Call (908) 454-6030